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DIY Boho Yarn Wall Hanging



Last Wednesday, I was working on a different project (which I will hopefully share with you next week) when I decided I really wanted to make my sister something for her new apartment in San Fransisco. I had this idea to do something with branches or twigs. I took Jack on a walk so we could go hunting for sticks. We walked two houses down the street when I noticed a mound of sticks, twigs, branches galore in the road (insert music and slow skipping towards the mound). I collected as many branches as I could without looking like a total weirdo because I could see my neighbor staring at me from inside her house. Jack and I ended our hunt early and went back to the house to craft.

At that point I wasn’t 100% sure what I was going to do with the branches but my ideas included painting them or hanging something from them. I wanted to go for a loom sort of look, hippy and whimsical. I tried looming earlier this week – major fail! That sh*t is hard. This project, however, was extremely easy and super fast! They truly look better in person than in the photos but you get the idea – right?

Things Needed:

A branch, twig or stick of some sorts – free

Different kinds of yarn – $5.00 or so per color (less if you have a coupon which you can always pull up on your phone)


Something to hang it with (string, fishing wire, ribbon from a recent gift)

Total: Depends on what you already have and how many colors of yarn you want. I would say you could do this project for less than $20.00. I recently saw a similar yarn wall hanging on Etsy for $130.00 plus shipping costs.


Step 1:

Cut your yarn. I cut double the length of my stick and then cut 5 or more strands of each color. I cut 10 strands of the yarn that had gold glitter in it. Layout the yarn in the color pattern you like to start to get a visual.


Step 2:

Fold one strand of yarn in half and slide it under the branch. Take the bottom of the strand over the branch and pull it through the loop. Pull snug so you have a long piece of yarn and a knot at the top.

Step 3:

Do this over and over again sliding the knots close together each time. The knots are not permanent so you can move the colors around if you end up not liking the pattern.



Step 4:

Use string or ribbon of some sorts (I used twine) to tie both ends giving yourself enough space to hang. I suggest going bigger than smaller. You can always tighten it up on the next step.



Step 5:

Hang your boho yarn wall hanging up. Adjust the string to the height that you prefer.



Step 6:

Trim the bottom so that it is even. Step back and enjoy!


You can cut the bottom however you prefer. Here are some examples of other options.

I made this one just for this post.

I made this one for my Sister’s apartment – it is my favorite

I made this one for my bedroom – It’s perfectly imperfect

Worth Doing Again:

You bet! This was quite fun and I feel like you have a lot of options to use your creativity. You can change the colors, you could tie random knots throughout, you could make a giant one or a teeny tiny one. If you look up on Pinterest yarn wall hangings you will see many more cool ideas!




March 6, 2015 - 9:39 am

Abby - Love, Love, Love how these turned out!! I like this idea MUCH more than the original idea! Hmm…I’m thinking I have this perfect spot in my craft room for one! *wink*wink

March 11, 2015 - 8:38 am

Elizabeth - Wow!! looks so great!! can’t wait to make one for my house!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

February 17, 2016 - 3:43 pm

Ali - love this so much!! Do you happen to remember the name of the brown yarn with back thread? I am trying to do this diy and cannot find it anywhere!

February 18, 2016 - 7:07 am

Brendy - Hi there,

I don’t remember the name of the black and brown yarn. I got it at Beverlys. I’m currently out of town but when I get back I will stop by and see if I can find it again. :)

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