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It’s a boy!




Hello lovely friends,

You most likely already know this but we are having a boy! I have been waking up each morning at 4:00a.m. and today I thought I should catch up on my blog. We have had such a busy summer so I have much to share with you. Let’s start where we left off.

Drew and I were shocked when we found out we were going to be having a baby boy. We had spent 20 weeks convinced we were having a girl. We did all the silly things you can do to predict what you are having and they all pointed to a girl! We also thought for sure we were having a girl because of how sick I was. Every single friend and family member (except for my brother Daniel) thought we were having a girl for one reason or another. Haha! When we found out we kept asking the ultra sound technician to double check and make sure it really was a boy. There really is no mistaking a boy in an ultra sound picture – if you know what I mean. Nonetheless, we are so thrilled to be having a boy. I love Drew so much I can’t even imagine the love I will have for a Mini-Drew.

As I promised you and my mother, I died my hair blue for the gender reveal which was so much fun. I loved having blue hair! I felt like a cartoon character in real life. It was fun to see my mother’s face when I showed up in Portland with blue hair. She thought it was so funny (which made the whole thing worth it) and she was so happy to be having a future grandson! I am 21 weeks in these photos that my mom took of us.

This little boy spends his days kicking and moving all around… my little wild one. I am already so in love. What a miracle that you grow a human inside your belly. I have waited so long for this and I am cherishing every moment.

September 23, 2015 - 10:05 am

Drew Frampton - Love the post and the photos sweetheart! You’re the only girl I know who can make blue hair as fun as you do! xoxo

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