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The Best & Worst of 2014

2014 was one of the hardest years yet for my husband Drew and I. Much healing needed to happen last year. It was filled with much loss and many tears. We lost our community, along with some of our closets friends, we have struggled with our families and our beliefs. To top it off, we also lost what would have been our first baby, who would have been born sometime this month. In the midst of heartbreak, Drew and I pulled together to begin to heal. As hard of a year as it was in 2014, we did have some absolutely amazing experiences. I think above all, as I have found for myself and noticed with others who have suffered loss and heartache, being grateful helps you appreciate the good moments in your life – being grateful for the things you have been given, the things you have worked hard for and the relationships that ground you. Instead of showing pictures of the heartache (although, I may go into detail in future posts), here are some of the moments in 2014 I am grateful for…

Round up of my favorite moments of 2014 (Part one)


Sunny days at the beach • Puppy cuddles • Spirit tastings • Antique shopping


Dog beaches • Friends having cute babies • Hiking • More puppy cuddling

February (more)

 Valentines Day is my favorite! I love celebrating love.

February (even more)

We also snuck in a trip to Vegas with our very special friends Dave and Abby!


Our chickens (yes I have urban chickens) finally laid eggs on the first day of spring!

March (more)

We spent a weekend in Big Sur with our friends Pareesa and Sam. Our dogs are BFFs!

Glamping • Sight seeing • Beaches with purple sand • Late night shanagains



New Zealand • Breathtaking views • Hobbiton • Wine tasting • Luging • Jet boating

One of my favorite moments in New Zealand was going on the Ogo (bottom left picture). It is pretty much a giant hamster ball that you get inside (with a tiny bit of water on the bottom) and then they push you down a mountain. Haha! They also give you a GoPro so you can see how ridicules you look as you tumble down a mountain. It was amazing! You should totally check out their website or if you are ever in Rotorua, New Zealand you should make time to do this.

More moments of 2014 coming tomorrow…