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Where did I go?

Hello there!

I have been MIA for awhile and this is why…

Drew and I were so thrilled to find out in February that we would be excepting a baby in November. It is a dream come true and a prayer answered for us. It is also wonderful that the baby will arrive before my 30th birthday because I would love to celebrate with a margarita! Hopefully!

I had a feeling one morning that I might be pregnant again and took a test at 4:45a.m. Back in February, Drew and I were getting up very early to do a Miracle Morning routine (more on the routine later). I was so excited to see a positive result. I had purchased a coffee mug from Etsy about 10 or so months prior and stashed it away for this day.  It was the hardest thing not to run and tell Drew right away as this was probably the 25th test I had taken over the last year and I was shocked to see a different result this time! I went and got the coffee mug from my secret stash and filled it with coffee. It said “we are pregnant” at the bottom.


I tried to remain really calm as we went through our morning routine and kept checking to see if Drew was drinking his coffee and he wasn’t. I asked him why and he said it didn’t taste right. I suggested he pour it out and make a new pot (that way he would see the dang bottom of the mug). He said no and then went to get something in the other room. I hurried over to his mug and dumped half, well more than half of it out. When he came back we resumed our morning. At this point I was bursting with excitement and I said will you please just drink your coffee already. Drew looked at me weird and then took a few sips of his coffee and saw that there was something written on the bottom of the mug. He then drank the rest and read the bottom of the mug and looked at me like I was playing a practical joke on him. He was in shock and we both just hugged each other. He kept asking me how I sat there for so long with out exploding! Ha! He knows me well.

We left that day to San Fransisco for a weekend of exploring and bar hopping with two of my siblings. They were aware I was pregnant the first moment I turned down a margarita and so my family found out. Haha! We wanted to hold off telling anyone else too soon. We were waiting until we went to the doctor and until we were out of the “scary zone” of our first trimester.

At six weeks I became super sick. I could barely hold down water. I was trying everything in the world. Eating protein right away in the morning. Got sick. Eating small meals often. Got sick. Acupuncture. Got sick. Ginger. Got sick. You get the point, I was so so so sick. Thus why there was a very long pause on my blog postings. I barely felt human let alone like I was growing one. I actually lost weight. Drew and I felt some relief that I was sick because it was proof something was happening. On the very few days I felt good, Drew hated it. He said it made him nervous every time I wasn’t feeling sick. During the first 3 months I had two bachelorette parties to go to and it was also Drew’s birthday. It was kinda funny, but on all 3 occasions of heavy drinking (for everyone else) I was the only one that ended up very sick at the end of the night. This all passed as everyone told me it would by week 14 just in time for my brother’s wedding! Which was super! More on the wedding later as well.

Everyday I feel good is now such a blessing. I hope to never take another day for granted that I am standing upright and have energy. I also feel like each week further into my pregnancy is such a great achievement, something to be celebrated! I think it is something in the back of my mind always that I might not make it another week. I try to stay positive, hopeful, and connected to my baby each day. We are now close to the half way mark and I can feel the baby move all the time which is great reassurance. We also get to find out the gender this week! Eek! I am so excited!!! I am going to see my parents on Saturday and my plan is to dye my hair whatever the gender is and surprise them at the airport! Haha! Please be a girl! I would much rather have pink hair than blue hair but that’s the fun of it!

I will keep you posted!



Picture of my belly taken at 17 weeks after a very big breakfast




June 10, 2015 - 10:27 am

Cydney Boel - Yay!!! So happy you are back and feeling better – love you!! <3

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